What We Do

Alberta Geothermal Corp brings execution expertise, best-of-breed technology and a unique patented design concept to the mass market implementation of low temperature geothermal power.

In doing so, we aim to create a win:win partnership between industry and society. For Alberta industry, we’ll enable relief from costly well abandonment liabilities. For Albertans, we aspire to replace a large chunk of coal-fired baseload power with clean renewable “made in Alberta” geothermal power. For our Partners, we create entire new markets for their existing skill sets. For our Investors, we open up the geothermal equivalent of a new multi-billion dollar “resource play”.

To this end, Alberta Geothermal Corp has partnered with, and gathered the support of, some of the leading investors, service companies and technology providers currently active in the oil and geothermal power industries. Together we are embarking, in close collaboration with the relevant government agencies, on an ambitious pilot program and commercial development framework.

For further information, please enquire at: info(at)albertageothermalcorp.com