Jeff Smith, B.A.

Procurement & Planning

Jeff Smith has gained in-depth experience in a broad range of oil service company roles. Starting his career with Ensign Drilling and Weatherford UBD, Jeff subsequently co-founded Quattro Oilfield Services, a pipeline and facility construction company that he grew until its successful sale in 2007.  Concurrently, Jeff also founded Jet Energy Controls, a Production Testing company and grew it until acquisition in 2008. Based on these early successes, Jeff provided advice on growth capital and M&A investments as COO of Panacea Financial. In 2012, Jeff returned to the oil service sector as Director and Executive VP of Tankmaster Rentals, where he expanded the company into the US.  Most recently (in 2013) Jeff founded Mothers Energy Services, a Downhole Tool company. He remains active in the day-to-day operations of Mothers Energy Services as both VP of Corporate Development and Chairman of the Board. Jeff lives in Ponoka County and holds a Bachelors of Arts from Burman University.